Tutorial for Badge-Making
1 Getting Started – Selecting a
template from the Design Library
To get started, click the “Start Badging” button on Photo-badge.com’s home page. Next, select a predesigned template from the Design Library. There are over 100 different badge templates, which fall into more than a dozen different categories (construction, medicine, education, retail etc.). The template you choose determines what the card will look like. It determines the card’s color, what information goes on it, the size of the text, if there will be a logo etc. Once you choose a template, you can reuse it to make multiple different IDs with the same layout and design. In other words, you can input different people’s information into the same template to make matching ID-badges. This is a great and efficient way to make ID’s for an entire office, a school, or any other group of affiliated people.
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